Scharnhorstkaserne Osnabrück [DE]

The former military terrain ‘Scharnhorstkaserne’ (former Belfast Barracks) in Osnabrück is being transformed into a science and housing park. The concept, elaborated by KCAP in cooperation with UC Studio Berlin, presents a strategic approach for the development which can be flexibly implemented. The concept does not project a fixed image, but opens possibilities which can be realized within various development phases. This allows to react flexibly to unpredictable future developments in the fields of science and housing.

The design bases its building volumes, topography and plot divisions on the contours of the existing military structures of the 14,2 ha area. It introduces a mix of urban density appropriate for a compact city quarter at this location. Public spaces give impulses to a variety of functions and the quality of the urban spaces offers the necessary identity and address building forces. Small, already readable oases and places which are already in use form the starting points of the urban development.

Client Municipality of Osnabrück
Program 14,2 ha masterplan for science facilities and residences, Innovation centre Osnabrück (ICO), sport and fitness, restaurants and public functions
Time 2010
Role Masterplanner in cooperation with UC Studio Berlin