Railway Zone Location C1 Gouda [NL]

The Municipality of Gouda, like many other Dutch cities, decided to redevelop its railway zone. The first phase of the redevelopment comprises of location C1. This area, located north of the station, will be transformed into a dynamic urban quarter with functions for living, working and leisure. Due to the site’s differences in height, the program will be vertically organized. Through the combination of functions and the introduction of new public spaces, the new station area aims to strengthen the northern part of the city and improve the connection between the North and South of Gouda.

The railway tracks are located on a slope that divides the city into two parts: to the south the old town with its medieval center and to the north an area with a more suburban character and twentieth-century buildings. The development of the railway zone offers the opportunity to link the two parts and to strengthen the city structure and appearance of Gouda.

The new station area provides a clear entrance to Gouda and creates a better connection between city and station. In addition to the increased square with the city hall, more building blocks with residential use and offices will develop. They ensure urban liveliness throughout the area. The upgrading the existing station entrances and tunnels for pedestrians and cars and the possible addition passages improve the connection between the north and south side of the station.



Client Municipality of Gouda; NS Vastgoed, Utrecht
Program Station entry, municipal offices (20.000 m²), residences (12.000 m²), cinema (7-8 auditoria), bus station, parking for 6000 bikes and 600 cars, 12.000 m² office spaces, hotel and commercial spaces
Time 2005 - present
Role Masterplanner