Piekstraat Rotterdam [NL]

The residential tower Piekstraat is located on a unique location in Rotterdam. Old factories, industrial warehouses and robust cranes characterise this almost undiscovered location in Rotterdam’s Feijenoord district. Located at the point of 'Feijenoord island' at the water, all apartments enjoy the beautiful view towards the river Maas and the skyline of the city. The location offers a lot of space and flexibility. This is reflected in the richness of the housing program. Piekstraat offers a wide range of housing types and thus responds to the diversity of lifestyles and housing needs in Rotterdam.

The area around the Piekstraat is authentic and raw. The architecture of the tower reacts to this with its industrial and robust appearance. The stacked volumes refer to stacked containers in the harbour and offer a wide variety of apartments: waterlofts, (Drive In) studio lofts, panoramic lofts, loft apartments, studios and skylofts. With a total area of 22.000 m2 and a height of 74 metres, Piekstraat offers space for more than 140 apartments ranging from 55 to 235 m2. 

Also in the use of materials, the tower refers to the surrounding old factories: from brick in the lower layers to steel and glass as you get higher. The stacking of the volumes makes the variety of typologies visible from the outside and creates space for outdoor terraces on different levels. The plinth at street level connects to the surrounding buildings and accommodates parking spaces for bicycles and shared cars for residents and the neighbourhood. In addition, it offers space for public functions such as a restaurant to activate the square around the building, an extra impulse for the liveliness of the area. 

Cliënt Heijmans vastgoed
Program 22.000 m2 all-sided residential high-rise with ca. 140 apartments, various typologies ranging from 55 to 235 m2, restaurant and indoor parking facility
Time 2017 - present
Role Architect
Participating parties IMD, LBP|SIGHT, Techniplan Adviseurs