Perspective Limmattal Zurich/Baden [CH]

The strategic vision for Zurich-Limmattal shows how the current spatial development can be transformed into an coordinated urban growth of the area until 2050.

The vision suggests a concentrated and coordinated urban growth as development strategy to strenghten the spatial qualities of the fast developing Limmat valley. The topography of the valley with its continuous ridges and spatial chambers give the vision its main framework. The eastern part of the Limmattal is the natural extension of Zurich City and will develop into a polycentric city along the Limmat with a supporting string of infrastructures. We propose to concentrate urban development in the lower part of the valley to preserve the landscape qualities and the characteristic villages of the ridges that give the
Limmattal its identity. Proposed is a structured build-up of densities and types of transformation that builds on existing and new character areas. Precise interventions for the various transport modes accompany the urbanisation while the distinct qualities of the river park and the forest parks assure that nature is always in reach. In this vision, Dietikon is the
logical centre of Zurich Limmattal.

A critical density is crucial to reach this urban quality. Once the density is reached, Zurich-Limmattal will substantially contribute for the release of other areas in Switzerland from development pressure. An adequate political structure should accompany the implementation of the vision.

Client ETH Zurich, Institute for Spatial and Landscape development (IRL), Committee
Program Vision for the long term urban development of the Limmat valley between Zurich and Baden
Time 2013
Role Urban planner
Participating parties Ernst Basler + partner (mobility), Voght Landschaftsarchitecten (landscape), Integral Ruedi Baur (territorial identity)