Parc du Simplon Renens Lausanne [CH]

The urban plan for the ‘Entrepôts’ site in Renens is based on a winning competition design of 2007 and features a conversion of an industrial zone along the railway tracks into an contemporary urban plan. The vision results in an urban structure that derives from the existing structure and transforms these ones step by step.

A lively pedestrian alley forms the heart of the neighborhood and creates new diverse public spaces. The existing North-South axes between the storage sheds are converted into residential roads serving the new functions and connecting the site into the cities network. The volumes at the North and South border of the site create and protect an inner world of urban villas around the central alley. The urban villas compose a combination of semi-public and private spaces and offer each apartment either a garden on ground floor or a family garden for the upper apartments. The mix of residential, commercial and office functions combined with public functions such as a school and a community centre creates a vivid and sustainable neighborhood that also adds new qualities to the city of Renens.

Client Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses CFF
Program 62.000 m2 of which 15. 500 m2 offices, 2.800 m2 retail, 2.300 m2 ateliers, 400 m2 public functions and 40.000 m2 for residences
Time 2007 - present
Role Masterplanner