Palmtorens Nieuwegein [NL]

The 'Palmtorens' (Palm Towers) are part of Nieuwegein’s ambitious plan for a new town centre. The plan for the new centre describes the cultural plaza, the market square and the square in front of the town hall  as basis for a new shopping area with cafés and restaurants, housing and offices. The Palmtorens will rise skyward in the southeastern corner, bordered by the Hollandse IJssel river and the ‘urban balcony’. On pedestrian level, they accommodate a transparent lobby of more than 10 meters height which is accessible from both the ‘urban balcony’ and the lower surface level to the southeast of the tower.

The two towers, which attain a height of 86 and 70 metres, are planned as the first energy-neutral office complex in the Netherlands. This means that the buildings produce as much clean energy as they use, so the net CO2 emissions amount to zero. With their leaning outline and bevelled corners, the towers are an eye-catching landmark in the new town centre. Their design also ensures that there is sufficient natural light as well as plenty of sight lines in the town centre and environs. The load-bearing facades comprise a concrete framework that is clad with photovoltaic cells. Wind turbines and a bio-oil generator are installed on the roof of the tallest tower.

Client Ecobuildings bv, Barendrecht
Program Two office towers of total 28.500 m² gfa
Time 2002 - 2008
Role Architect
Participating parties UN Studio, Amsterdam (masterplan inner city Nieuwegein)