P&R Hooggelegen Utrecht [NL]

'P&R Hooggelegen' is a Park & Ride facility in Utrecht, located along highway A2 Utrecht-Amsterdam between Papendorp office park and the Hooggelegen intersection. The new ensemble will be accessed via a new highway exit and a viaduct which is currently under construction, crossing the highway and connecting the new area of Leidsche Rijn with Utrecht.

Along the highway P&R Hooggelegen appears as a landmark. Lifted one level above the ground, the 9 and 7 storey high buildings are visible over the new viaduct and a noise protection wall. With their shape the triangular buildings address the key views in the surroundings. The facades will be made out of light bronze and silvery anodized aluminum lamellas. An internal route on the second level connects the two car parks by bridges, passing commercial facilities and ultimately leading users to the bus stop outside by the main entrance. The ground level is entirely kept free for car entries and exits, taxis, busses and drop-off areas.

The hearts of both parking garages reveal huge open spaces filled with trees. Allowing for natural daylight and ventilation through the open facades the design celebrates its green interiors. At the same time it works in a sustainable way by reducing artificial lighting and render mechanical ventilation unnecessary.

Client Municipality of Utrecht
Program 62.000 m2 Park & Ride facilities for 2000 cars
Time 2009 - 2012
Role Architect in cooperation with JHK Architecten, Utrecht