Overtoom Papendrecht [NL]

The parking garage Overtoom is located on a complex inner city location along an existing shopping arcade and along a traffic route which leads car traffic around the center. It is part of the new development plan for the center of Papendrecht.

The project comprises of 5.500 m2 parking area for 146 parking spaces, a multifunctional program with 1.350 m2 of retail space including a supermarket and 7 rental apartments. The garage is spread over two layers. These are located above the shopping space. Viewed from the dike ‘Bosch’, the garage is located behind the apartments. The apartments are accessible at the height of the dike. From the dike, a new access with two tunnels towards the Overtoom parking garage has been made: one as entrance to the parking and one access to the loading zone of the shops.

The project refers with its brick facade to the existing environment. The facades show a particular brick pattern. Long brick sizes of 49 , 36.5 and 24 cm length are used, partly in an open and partly in a closed way. This composes a facade with up to 50% openness which makes natural ventilation of the facade possible.


Client Municipality of Papendrecht
Program 5.500 m2 parking garage for 146 parking spaces, 1.350 m2 retail and 475 m2 residential space for 7 apartments
Time 2004 - 2009
Role Architect