Oostelijke Handelskade (OHK) Amsterdam [NL]

A former dock area along the banks of Amsterdam’s IJ waterway is transformed into a high-density residential and business area. On the site known as 'De Pakhuysen' (The Warehouses), gigantic warehouses are a reminder of the time when the area was still a functioning port. Some have fallen into disuse and are dilapidated, while others have been thoroughly renovated and given a new lease on life. 

In between these historic warehouses, new blocks form a differentiated complex of interlocking buildings that maintain the views through to the IJ. The complex accommodates a mixed programme, ranging from offices and live/work lofts to luxury apartments and subsidized rental housing. The buildings stand on a shared base containing a car park, and the entrances are set along a narrow, oblong plaza which creates a connecting spine between old and new. As well as drawing up the urban development plan, KCAP designed the car park and two of the four sculptural blocks.

Client Oosterveem, Almere (urban plan), Heijmans IBC Vastgoedontwikkeling, Almere-Stad (architecture)
Program Urban plan with integration of exsisting warehouses and public space, supervision and design of 10.000 m2 office building B "Huys Azie" and design of apartment building D (52 residences) "Huys Afrika" - 7.350 m2, parkinggarage of 11.500 m2
Time 1998 - 2009
Role Urban planner and supervisor of Oostelijke Handelskade and architect of Huys Afrika (D) and Azië (B)
Participating parties Claus en Kaan Architecten, Amsterdam, De Architecten Cie., Amsterdam (blok A+C), Villa Nova, Rotterdam (renovation), Juurlink & Geluk, Rotterdam (open space)