Olympic Badminton Arena Beijing [CN]

The design for the 'Olympic Badminton Area' is a second prize competition design for Beijing’s Olympic Games in 2008. Based on the theme ‘Human, Green, High-Tech’, the design shows an alluring, artificial landscape that incorporates a whole range of functions in the fields of sport, culture and leisure. Set on top of an underground grid, the concept proposes a park-like site with stadiums, plazas and other amenities. These were designed as a series of circular elements, an allusion to the symbolic rings of the Olympic flag.

The multifunctional centre is not merely the umpteenth architectural icon to be added to the city, but embodies a new kind of environment where nature, urban life and architecture are intermixed in a relaxed way. The result is a multifaceted and sustainable area, a ‘built landscape’ with a green character to be added to the campus of the Beijing University of Technology after the Olympic Games. The main stadium is the park’s most visually distinctive element. With its eye-catching transparent roof of 120 metres in diameter and and supported by only five columns the building has an open relationship with its surroundings.

Client Beijing University of Technology (BUT), Department of Development and Planning
Program 20.000 m² gfa, Badminton arena with surroundings for the Olympic Games 2008 with facilities for sport, events, recreation, landscape and park
Time 2004
Role Urban planner and architect
Participating parties Arup, Beijing; CEEDI, Beijing