New Time Neuilly-sur-Seine [FR]

The project is situated on Île de la Jatte in Neuilly-sur-Seine. It is a green setting surrounded by water on two sides and facing the main entrance of a large sports area. This spot houses the office building of Laboratoires Roche, designed by Swiss architect Roland Rohn in 1969-71. The 17 000m² building was renovated to meet current sustainability and efficiency standards for facades and installations.

The design concept proposes lateral extensions to each of the existing wings. This creates a volumetric play in which each of the four volumes faces a different direction. The delicately differentiated volumes are grouped around a central core and introduce a plinth into the new structure. Due to the requested flexibility for future usage, the internal organisation allows for classical office layouts and open work landscapes and offers to house one or more tenants.

All interventions are done with great respect for the original qualities of the building - its transparency, design of the façade and the finishing of the interiors – and aim to reuse as much as possible.

The new facades introduces a playful composition with horizontal and vertical orientation, while making this varied mass to appear as one representative volume and identity for the future user. The renovation achieved a BREEAM Excellent rating with the application of sustainable components including the use of water from the Seine for heating and cooling, low energy lights, and a naturally ventilated and sun protected facade.

Client Züblin Immobilien Group Switzerland
Program Renovation and expansion of 17.000 m2 existing office building
Time 2010 - 2014
Role Architect in cooperation with Ateliers 115
Participating parties CapTerre (sustainability), Deerns Nederland (building physics),  Nobu Nakanishi (artist)
Awards 1st prize competition 2010