MWKZ Rotor S Utrecht [NL]

The Merwedekanaalzone is in transition from business park to a healthy, green and sustainable urban neighborhood. Within sub-area 5, we shape the Rotor S location. Here a lively area emerges consisting of a mix of facilities and functions.

The urban planning basis of the plan consists of open city blocks. A continuous green ground level brings the Merwedepark into the neighbourhood. Herewith we create a plan that is easily accessible, open and inviting. Trees, green facades and a roof landscape also gives nature experience on the higher layers.

The city blocks are composed of several buildings and have an articulated volumatic structure. This creates a fine-meshed structure that introduces the human dimension and scale. In height we recognize three zones with specific living qualities: ‘living in the park’ on the lower levels, ‘living among the trees’ on the layers above and ‘living in the skyline’ on the highest layers and in the towers.
The Merwedekanaalzone is a testing ground for healthy living in the city. To this end, an all inclusive city is created that created where the physical preconditions are healthy and where we stimulate healthy living. Ambitions on sustainability in this plan are also high with its circular use of materials, green integration, energy-neutral concepts and new forms of mobility.

Client AM, Synchroon
Program 140.000 m2 consisiting of 1.000 residences and 12.000 m2 other functions, including a primary school, health centre, retail, co-working spaces and 700 parking spaces
Time 2017 - present
Role Urban planner, architect
Participating parties Eigenarencollectief Merwede, marco.broekman, OKRA landscape architects