Minhang Vanke Park Shanghai [CN]

Vanke Park is an office campus including retail, housing and supporting facilities. The concept follows the approach to link a great working environment with business success and creativity to create a collaborative and social place with focus on socializing and networking, getting people together and thereby enhancing the productivity in order to provide a richer, more rewarding working experience.

The site is well located in Minhang District in the South-West of Shanghai, surrounded by various infrastructures and imbedded in an emerging mixed urban fabric. The lay-out of the park is not simply a collection of buildings but rather an interconnected landscape with a strong and urban face and, at the same time, an open and green heart to accommodate the idea of ‘working in the garden’. Public spaces are well integrated between, in, under and on top of the diversified buildings.

Client Shanghai Vanke Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Program 10 ha masterplan for 200.000 m2, includ­ing 85.000m2 office space, 40.000 m2 retail and 700 Soho loft apartments (35.000 m2).
Time 2011 - 2014
Role Masterplanner and architect