Meerstad Groningen [NL]

An area equivalent in size to the city of Groningen is being developed on the east flank of the existing city. The farmland here is undergoing transformed into a new, high-quality landscape where there will be place for residential neighbourhoods and business zones. At its centre there will a new lake that is not only a valuable asset as a recreation area but also for water storage and as a buffer zone. The guiding principle for 'Meerstad'(Lake City’) is the realisation of a relaxed, pluriform habitat with equal expanses of water, greenery and construction in the immediate vicinity of the city of Groningen. Thanks to its specific qualities, this area will offer an attractive alternative for living in the rural setting of the Hondsrug or in villages around Groningen.

The realisation of Meerstad involves a stepwise transformation on the basis of the qualities of the ground and the landscape in relation to the new water system and ecosystem. The area will not be developed with a static final result in mind, but on the basis of a masterplan that sets out the global course and centres on flexibility in development. The various subsections will acquire their definitive form in individual zoning and realization plans over the course of 25 years.

The urban centre will be an area with high-density residential development and a concentration of recreational functions, a point where landscapes converge and lines of communication interconnect. This heart, with its marinas, locks, rowing course, beach and campsites set around the lake, advertises the character and image of the new habitat and will be perceived by visitors, residents and passers-by as the very essence of Meerstad.

Client Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Provincy of Groningen, Dienst Landelijk Gebied, Municipalities of Groningen en Slochteren, Waterschap Hunze and Aa’s Grondbank Meerstad CV
Program 3.500 ha masterplan for 10.000 residences, 135 ha business areas, 500 ha green and reaction areas, 350 ha ecological structure, 500 ha area rural areas, watermanagement including a 600 ha lake, infrastructure
Time 2001 - 2003
Role Urban planner
Participating parties Hosper, Haarlem