Masterplan Eindhoven Airport Eindhoven [NL]

The masterplan for the renewal and expansion of Eindhoven Airport’s Terminal envisions an ensemble and an enveloping structure, providing the airport with a powerful symbol. The form creates an architectonic cohesion within which the diverse programmatic components are organized.

Where previously an airport could be regarded as a mono-functionally organized ‘travel machine’, the current tendency has visibly shifted this direction towards an increase in mixed use. The development for Eindhoven’s airport includes not only the extension to the terminal, but also requires the possibility to accommodate additional functions which are not purely related to air travel, such as offices, retail, leisure and catering facilities.

All possible functional combinations within the airport are brought together in a central zone, a plaza which allows for direct access to all the various uses. The terminal building becomes the interface and artificial horizon between land and sky. Additional programmatic requirements converge at the plaza’s spine under the suspended free-flowing roof. The immediate catalytic effect of the various functions upon the direct surroundings anchors Eindhoven Airport in its broader urban context.

Client Schiphol Real Estate, Eindhoven Airport
Program Masterplan for the renovation and expansion of Eindhoven Airport
Time 2001 - 2005 (architecture phase 1)
Role Masterplanner in cooperation with De Bever Architecten Eindhoven, NACO Den Haag