Maaskwadrant Hoogvliet [NL]

The Maaskwadrant stands on the Oude Maas river on the site of the former sports facility of Rotterdam’s public transport company (RET). The three residential towers bordering the water with low-rise dwellings among the trees is organized in four bands. Between them lies an alternation of green strips as well as a residential street that ensures all the dwellings stand in relationship to the river. Following the KCAP principle of One Urbanism, the towers are coupled to the low-rise construction and the various blocks are bounded by walls and hedges. The Maas Quadrant thus forms a coherent little neighbourhood that manifests itself as an autonomous object amid the surroundings.


Client BPF Bouwvest, Amsterdam
Program Urban plan and design of 180 housing units (120 apartments and 60 one-family houses) at the Maas riverfront on the former RET-site
Time 2000 - 2004
Role Architect
Participating parties Juurlink & Geluk, Rotterdam