Linate Airport Milan [IT]

The urban study for Linate Airport aims to examine the potential of transforming the airport, located close to Milan center, into a ‘Business Airport City’. Besides its location, Linate Airport offers a special advantage: the water runway of 38.5 ha of land around the airport area which offers many opportunities for exclusive offices, hotels, residential and recreational qualities. Perfectly accessible, close to the city and embedded in a landscape setting. Besides Malpensa Airport, the location around the Linate Airport provides many opportunities to develop an interesting position in the range of the existing European city airports. The location’s infrastructural conditions are optimal: new connections to all major business centers, the vicinity of the ring road around Milan and additionally the potential of a direct connection to the public transport network of Milan. The combination of conference facilities, hotels, offices, galleries and exhibition spaces, living, working, recreation and leisure facilities will create a varied mix of functions. The study tests different mixtures of functions to find optimal combinations in relation to the context and airport noise exposure. Also the connections to the public transport network are researched. The special quality of the waterfront forms the basis for attractive living and working locations which offer an ultimate added value compared to similar locations.


Client Schiphol Real Estate and Development, Amsterdam
Program Transformation strategy for 38.2 ha in Linate Airport City, exclusive business location and office spaces, hotels, living and leisure program
Time 2007 - present
Role Urban planner