Lesta Housing Tallinn [EE]

The residential complex Lesta 10 is part of the masterplan developed by KСAP for the territory of the sea harbor Kakumae. The complex consists of three urban-villas located on the slope of the port and is integrated harmoniously into the existing context of low-rise buildings. The site is distinguished by a luxurious natural environment with tall trees and the proximity of the sea. The three buildings together form a cozy courtyard for residents. Pedestrian routes pass through and around the complex connecting it to the local pedestrian network that surrounds Kakumae port.

The rich native nature forms the inspiration for the architectural solution of the facades. The facades do not stand out against this natural landscape. Made from natural materials they seek to become part of an harmonious composition with the wooded environment. Three varieties of wood are used, differing in color and texture. The main entrances are emphasized with high portals. Through these transparent portals, the luminous onyx surface of the entrance hall is visible.

Client OÜ Haven Kakumäe
Program Housing block for 55 dwellings and underground parking
Time 2015 – present
Role Architect
Participating parties Arhitektuuribüroo PLUSS, Talllinn (local partner)