Le Faisceau Nanterre [FR]

Le Faisceau, situated in the greater Paris region, is a 160 ha territory between La Défense and La Seine. The area is characterized by heavy infrastructures feeding La Défense and Paris, which as a consequence cuts the city of Nanterre in two. Besides solving infrastructural problems and transforming the road RD914 from an highway type into an urban boulevard, the goal of the project is to ‘stitch’ the urban cut and interlink the separated parts of Nanterre back again.

KCAP’s concept is based on the different areas within the territory revealing their own characteristics, functions, uses and density. The masterplan proposes six neighborhoods developed around their pre-existing qualities and themes. The overall framework is definded by public space quality, effective connections and permeability of the site for all users.

The program consists of 3.185.000 m² mixed-use functions and should reintroduce a maximum of diversity of uses and attract different users of all social levels, ages and cultures. It aims to turn Le Faisceau into a vibrant city quarter for a broad public.

Client Etablissement Public d'Aménagement Seine Arche (EPASA)
Program Strategic masterplan study for 160 ha area with mixed-use program including public functions, sport, culture, leisure and transport facilities
Time 2009 – present
Role Urban planner
Participating parties Mutabilis (landscape), CO-BE (architecture), OGI (engineering), UP2M (program)