Laakhaven West/Petroleumhaven The Hague [NL]

In the last decennia The Hague’s harbour areas Laakhaven, Petroleumhaven (Petrol Harbour) and Fruithaven (Fruit Harbour) have lost their original functions. Especially 'Laakhaven West and Petroleumhaven' became isolated areas, surrounded by physical barriers. In the large-scale redevelopment vision for The Hague 2020, these two are the first areas to be redeveloped.

The former inner-city harbor areas Laakhaven West and Petroleumhaven will be transformed into a vivid urban district in which true city culture can develop. The choice was made to transform both sites as one district. A central route through the entire area forms the linking element.

The masterplan gains its strength from the existing qualities of the harbor area, from the cranes, the piers and the robust building structures. A lively and attractive urban atmosphere forms the base for the plan. It provides for a new quarter for the young and creative, for living and working, for a variety of functions and buildings independent of a particular usage.

Special attention is paid to the quality of the public space and the creation of a vivid townscape, rich of contrasts. The quality of the public space activates the mixture of living and working and introduces powerful urban places.

Client Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Gemeente Den Haag, The Hague, Ontwikkelconsortium Laakhaven West (OCLW), The Hague, Kristal / Ballast Nedam / Johan Matser
Program 17,5 ha masterplan with 1.200 residences, 20.000 m2 commercial functions, leisure and fire house
Time 2006 - present; 2008 - present (supervision)
Role Urban planner and supervisor