Kooiplein Leiden [NL]

The area for the restructuring of the ‘Kooiplein’ square in Leiden forms the future heart of Leiden North, with a community center around a plaza on the water and a green park area which connects the city quarters to the north and south along a main city axis.

Besides the restructuring of the traffic intersection, the plan envisages the construction of 851 parking spaces, 5.300 m2 commercial facilities, a community school with library facilities and 4.400 m2 of which 2.000 m2 for social use. 432 residential units will be completed revealing a variety of living environments and types.

Kooiplein is being developed into a modern but familiar city center with an appropriate level of urbanity in the multicultural North of Leiden. The project is more than just making a ‘living room’ for Leiden North, it is also giving shape to a major city entrance to Leiden and realising a green connection between Leiden and its surrounding countryside. It provides the chance for the district and for the city to add the dimension of a community center, a city entrance and a green urban link to its image.


Client Heijmans, De Sleutels
Program Restructuring of public transport node, 851 parking spaces, 5.300 m2 commercial facilities, school with library, communal facilities and 432 residential units
Time 2008 - present
Role Supervisor, masterplanner, landscape architect, architect
Participating parties Municipality of Leiden