Kloverparken Copenhagen [DK]

This new Copenhagen City Park measures 1600 m in length and it varies in width between 155 and 275 m. The size is comparable with many well known City Parks such as Fælledparken in Copenhagen. The park offers a lot of facilities for ballgames. Sport fields have a relative mono functional use – sports and an occasional event - and are rather single destinations – for athletes and their scarce spectators only. A framework of two axis, 4 small parks and a waterfront park create the difference between a park as a collection of ‘private rooms for sport’ and a true ‘public environment’. The green rooms provide spaces for sports. They vary in size and shape. Each room is framed by lines of trees and as such offers a wind protected but open area for a variety of ballgames, events and clubs.

The two green axes stretch out from the city centre to the Oresund waterside. Both axis are 1500 meters long, 10 meters wide and are lined with trees. They are 1,20 meters elevated above the level of the sport fields and bordered by a special designed edge. The main material used is gravel, a material which traditionally gives a ‘strong sense of park’. The two axis are intersected with several cross routes, o.a. the bicycle connection from Amager to the centre and the coming Holmen bycycle route.  The proposed heavy truck route is embedded in a gently sloping open hill, which is bridged over at several points. From the hill you can enjoy magnificent views over the park towards the city or towards the parks waterfront.

The framework sublimes at the water edge with a new linear water park with sports, leisure, culture, congress and everyday live. The waterfront park creates a recreational link between north and south recreational shores along the Oresund and a new recreational address for the city of Copenhagen.









Client City of Kopenhagen; Skanska (developer)
Program Masterplan for former harbour area with: total built area 237.213 m2; total floor area: 796.825 m2; total floor area of housing: 597.618 m2
Time 2008 (competition 2nd prize)
Role Masterplanner
Participating parties COBE