Killesberghöhe Stuttgart [DE]

Killesberghöhe is the vision for a new city quarter on the hill of Killesberg in Stuttgart, close to the famous Weissenhofsiedlung. The project comprises of a mixed-use program with a total of 50.000 m2 for housing, offices, restaurants, retail, day-care, a city hall and the community centre Forum K.

Four internationally renowned architects developed their individual architectural concepts based on a masterplan by Ackermann & Raff und Projekt GmbH. Within this framework, KCAP designed three differently sized and sculpturally shaped apartment blocks with stepped roof terraces. The differentiation of the buildings provides individualisation and identity. The concept allows for various apartment types, from classical floor plans to open spaces. Each apartment profits from daylight from three sides and has direct visual contact with the surrounding park.

In the exterior spaces the theme of terraces creates a variety of heights and modulations in the terrain and provides for a differentiation of public circulation spaces, semi public resting areas and private spaces. Terraces and gardens form a smooth transition between inside and outside spaces. The position of the volumes within the ensemble creates various views within and to the surrounding park. The villas will be executed in solid masonry construction with a light colour brick.

Client Fürst Developments, Salzburg
Program 27 residences on a plot of around 2.730 m² as part of a 50.000 m2 mixed-use development
Time 2009 - 2013
Role Architect
Participating parties Baumschlager Eberle Architects, Lochau; David Chipperfield, London;
Ortner + Ortner Vienna, Berlin/Cologne