Kavel 25 The Hague [NL]

The building is situated on a band of parallel landscape elements: a road, a row of trees, a drainage ditch, a dike and a hedge. This stratification is reflected in the design. The street facade is a soundproofed by a facade using green masonry and concrete. The south-west glazed façade takes advantage of the orientation towards the sun and views towards the landscape.

Transparency requirements laid down in KCAP’s urban design concept resulted in the building being raised and carved with large voids. The entrances, the vertical circulation and communal spaces are anchored in and around these openings. The walls of the openings are clad with wood and aluminium, and the ceiling is clad with blue panels. The stairs and landings in the openings are constructed from steel in order to ensure maximum transparency.

The programme comprises 45 dwellings in eleven different types, ranging in size from 55 m2 to 110 m2, and four communal interior and exterior spaces. The first floor of the middle section contains gallery flats with a small private garden on the surface level. From the second to sixth floors, duplex apartments are accessed from a central corridor.  Diagonally oriented dwellings are situated at either ends of the building. The entrance, a half-sunken car park and storage spaces are located underneath the main volume. The variety of dwellings within the constraints of a singular volume creates a dynamic living environment while the numerous communal spaces initiates interaction and a sense of community between the diverse mix of inhabitants. 


Client Stichting Woningbouwfestival, The Hague, Algemene Woningbouwvereniging, The Hague, Municipality of The Hague, DSO
Program 44 social housing units with 4.200 m2, shared facilities, 35 parking spaces, 1.500 m2 site area
Time 1989 - 1992
Role Architect in cooperation with Art Zaaijer
Participating parties D3BN, The Hague