Kakumäe Haven Tallinn [EE]

With Kakumäe Haven the Kopli Bay will be a new western anchor, expanding what Tallinn can offer. Together with a rich waterfront routing, reaching the Kakumäe Haven, this area will become part of the natural routes along the Kopli Bay. On a long-term, also the visitors of the city will find this oasis to the west of the city.

Kakumäe Haven concept has three main layers: creation of three character areas, creation of view lines and of an open space network.

They manifest the development in a unique seaside setting as well as they create a new destination for Tallinn. Kakumäe Haven adds a variety of high quality, easily accessible open spaces to the landscape of the Haabersti.

The new and the old buildings create together a transparent built fabric, allowing to enjoy the seaviews even from within the houses far off the shoreline.

Kakumäe Haven development will add many new features to the local public space, wherein locals and visitors can easily explore the area.



Client OÜ Haven Kakumäe
Program 25.2 ha sea side area with 56.000 m2 mixed-use harbour program including marina for 300 boots and 262 dwellings
Time 2015 - present 
Role Masterplanner and architect
Participating parties KAMP arhitektid, Tallinn (architect multifunctional building with boat storage); kesküla & erard architectes-paysagistes, Biel (landscape)