Inntel Hotel Scheveningen [NL]

The Inntel Hotel is part of the masterplan designed by KCAP for the Noordelijk Havenhoofd (Northern Pier) in Scheveningen. The plan for the 8,8 ha. area in the south of Scheveningen combines improvements to the existing fishing industry with a mixed program for recreation.

The area consists of two parts: the fishing harbour with fish processing companies and the seaside boulevard with a recreational tourism program. In the urban vision, the fishing industry is concentrated and extended around the first harbour. 

The hotel program is spread over 12 floors. Common services are located in the basement and plinth, while the upper floors contain a total of 226 hotel rooms. The spa facilities and a swimming pool are located on the 12th floor, offering coastal views to the hotel guests.

The hotel is located at the tip of the pier. It gains its strong dynamic identity from the design reference to sails in the wind. The triangular shaped volume looks different from each side, a landmark in the wind. 

Client VolkerWessels Vastgoed
Program 4-star Inntel Hotel with 11.000 m2 and 226 hotel rooms, wellness, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, restaurant and bar
Time 2013 - present
Role Architect and urban planner Noordelijk Havenhoofd