Huys Azie Amsterdam [NL]

Along the banks of the river IJ in Amsterdam, the former dockland has been transformed into a high-density residential and working area. On the site known as De Pakhuysen (The Warehouses) along 'Oostelijke Handelskade', old warehouses and new blocks form a differentiated complex of interlocking buildings that preserve the views through to the IJ. The buildings stand on a shared base containing a car park, and the entrances are set along a narrow, oblong public space. As well as drawing up the urban development plan, KCAP designed the car park and two of the four sculptural blocks.

Building B, known as ‘Huys Azië’ (House Asia), consists of two sections. A large, L-shaped brick volume which rests on a low-rise block that gives the impression of being a stripped-down old warehouse. Both sections are in fact new, and as a combination of two architectural volumes with different dimensions and materials they fit well with the character of the buildings on the rest of the site. The low-rise section was constructed using steel and glass, and has generously proportioned windows.

The brick portion in the façade of the other volume changes from heavy and massive at ground level to transparent higher up, an effect achieved by a gradual transformation in the articulation of the fenestration. The windows on the lower levels of the l-shaped brick volume are elongated and narrow, while those above become progressively wider. The top four floors have the widest fenestration and also have wraparound windows which lend the building a lightweight and airy appearance.

Client Heijmans IBC Vastgoedontwikkeling, Almere-Stad
Program Office building with 10.000 m2 and parking garage with 11.500 m2 for 380 parking spaces
Time 2001 - 2004; 1998 - 2004 (masterplan)
Role Masterplanner and supervisor of Oostelijke Handelskade Compartiment C, architect of Huys Azie (blok B) and Huys Afrika (blok D, apartment building)
Participating parties Claus en Kaan Architecten; de Architecten Cie. (blok A + C);Villa Nova (renovation existing warehouse Afrika); Juurlink & Geluk (public space)