House Feldis Graubünden [CH]

The House Feldis is a single family holiday home situated on a plateau in the beautiful mountain region of Graubünden. The village Feldis is close to Chur and easy to reach by train and cableway. One part of an old stable was transformed to workshop and storage space, the other part replaced by a newly built house ensuring the balance with the existing development. The house was placed 2.5m to north from the preserved stable leaving a narrow lane between them holding the entrances. The existing bridge in the upper floor of the stable was left in place, it forms a connection between the two buildings and is at the same time the porch for the new house. According to that the interior circulation of the house is located in the prolongation of the connecting bridge.

To correspond sustainable architecture there were primarily natural materials used, such as wood for the construction and the wall coverings, recycled cellulose for insulation and local stone for bath and kitchen. Sustainable energy production was realized by using geothermal drillings and heat pump.

Client Private
Programme Private house with 205 m2 and 731 m3 stable for 72 m2 storage and workspace
Time 2010 - 2011
Role Architect
Participating parties W.Bieler (Engineer), S.Kunfermann (Wood), G.Barandun (Carpenter), J.M.Tscharner (Construction), Vonplon Söhne (Installations), Banzer (Electro), D.Mark (Sanitary facilities), Zea Fio (Artist)