Hoornwerk Deventer [NL]

'Hoornwerk' is a district with formerly factory workers dwellings which did not fulfill contemporary standards anymore. Housing cooperation Ieder1 took the rigorous step of pulling down the complete quarter and start a new development. Hoornwerk is located on a triangular area which is close to Deventer city center. This part of the city has been subject to significant change and new developments like the IJsselland College and the Social Insurance Bank. 

Between this context and the program a paradox arises: on the one hand the demand for a small, intimate urban environment, on the other a structure is needed for large ensembles of buildings placed in a green environment providing spacious views. The urban plan reacts to this paradox and combines the advantages of a small-scale city-structure with that of larger object-like units through programming different building types, dwellings, apartments, care and grouping them around a semi-public courtyard or system of alleys. The concept comprises of three larger ensembles comparable to islands in a sea of green. The relatively dense islands are separated by broad and generous green wedges. These green spaces are car-free and consist of a high user quality. The layout has a park-like character. The adjacent housing is orientated towards, and in some cases is accessed from, the green. The threshold between public and private green is subtly differentiated by discrete height differences.  

Client Housing cooperation IEDER1, Deventer
Program Urban plan and  design of residential complex with care facilities, 19.200 m2 gfa, 12 one-family houses, 90 apartments, 26 care units, covered parkinggarage with 155 parking spots
Time 2002 - 2008
Role Urban planner and architect