Hogekwartier Amersfoort [NL]

‘Hogekwartier’ is the urban redevelopment of the post-war neighborhoods of Amersfoort. The project is part of a comprehensive approach to improve and renew these disadvantaged neighborhoods. The project site consists of the area along either side of the access road that connects the city center with the highway.

In order to improve the flow of this road, and in order to remove the barrier between the adjacent neighborhoods a multilevel crossing is introduced. This creates a new axis as continuous route that connects the neighborhoods with each other and which is bordered by buildings with local facilities in their plinths. The main feature is a new urban swimming and sports complex as an eye-catcher at the city’s entrance and as starting point of the quarter at the public square.

The city entrance is transformed into a green boulevard with style. The mixed residential area stretches along the boulevard. It consists of a sequence of various typologies: a port of playful blocks along the axis, an urban filling of the blocks with courtyards and playground in the middle area and striking towers on plinths along Valleikanaal. This canal forms a continuous ecological zone. It is connected by a green corridor, including an infiltration facility through the area, with the neighboring nature zone. The entire project will be equipped with a sustainable energy system.

Client De Alliantie, Huizen
Program Urban redevelopment plan of post-war neighborhoods with approx 800 residences, an urban swim and sports complex and design principles for public space
Time 2006 - present
Role Urban planner, supervisor
Opdrachtgever De Alliantie, Huizen