Havenlaan 12-14 Brussels [BE]

Havenlaan is part of the canal zone development (Kanaalzone) of Brussels and located close to the historic city centre. In the coming years, the area will be developed with a number of innovative projects and installed as an inner-city green zone by among others the realisation of recreational Becopark. The goal of the development is to create a new linear centrality in Brussels. Havelaan 12-14 occupies a prominent location in the area and will offer space for a new urban ensemble with a mixed program of housing, offices, hotel and commercial functions.

The design of the urban ensemble at Havenlaan refers to the existing urban qualities of the site and reinforces them for as many user groups as possible: residents, neighbors, passers-by and the city. With special focus on human scale, community and the identity of the location an inspiring environment with high quality for living, working and stay evolves.

The special location of the site being situated between the Maritime Quarter and canal requires a diversified building volume and appearance, providing answers to the different contextual conditions. The concept reacts with creating one building block which consists of a composition of various elements: tower, beam, angle and row. In this way, the composition can include the different levels of scale and provide for different neighborhoods that the residents can identify with.

In the center of the ensemble, the green "heart" connects the various buildings with each other. It is a coherent green, sunny, collective inner area, ensuring high quality of life for all residents and supporting the central idea of place making and social cohesion. The permeability of the urban block allows to open the Maritime Quarter up to the canal. Carefully carved openings at connection points with the surrounding both along the waterfront and at Bouvier Street, create special urban spaces with a variety of characters, scales, and atmospheres.

The variety of user groups is accommodated by a wide range of housing types including studios, 1-2 and 3-bedroom apartments, combination units for living and working, 50+ residences, co-housing and special penthouses. The 174-room hotel at the corner gives the option to be alternatively used for housing with care functions. The commercial and community-oriented functions are housed in the plinth areas. Parking is situated on two underground levels beneath the various buildings.

Client Triple Living NV
Program 29.000 m2 urban ensemble with mixed functions including approximately 250 residences, hotel, restaurants, conference, offices, collective interior- and outdoor spaces, underground parking 
Time 2016
Role Architect in cooperation with evr-Architecten