Haveneiland IJburg [NL]

Block 11 is one component of the plans for Haveneiland and Rietlanden West in Amsterdam’s new residential district of IJburg. It is a variation on the traditional residential block. A canal bisects the block transversally, dividing it into two halves that open up towards the water.

The dwellings, business accommodation and care facilities are organized in a series of clusters that form the building blocks for Block 11. It combines the typology of the urban home with that of dwellings around a courtyard, resulting in a block with an urban look on the outside and a peaceful and private living environment within.

KCAP devised the urban development plan for Block 11 and also designed a number of the clusters of buildings.

Client IJ-delta development vof, Amsterdam 
155 apartments, 1.850 m2 medical care, 1.300 m2 office space
1999 - 2006 
Participating parties 
Loof en van Stigt, Ruth Visser, Hugo Berchoor Plug