Green Town Beijing [CN]

Greentown is a residential project realized by a private developer over an area of approximately 24 hectares near Beijing. The project called for a design with a ‘Dutch’ character. The facade concept incorporated a 1.5-metre-deep zone of sun lounges, balconies and terraces, clad with a skin of variously coloured brick. The uniformity in materials and the repetitive use of private outdoor spaces contribute to the area’s cohesion.

The Community Centre, which is traditionally an essential component of Chinese residential areas, contains indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a restaurant, bars, an Internet café, a sports hall, a dance hall, a sauna, daycare facilities, a library and two tennis courts on the roof. The building is situated on the central, scenic axis of Green Town, with the main entrance on a traffic thoroughfare and the back façade overlooking a sunken garden. The ground floor is transparent, open and inviting. Elevated above, a red concrete volume with facade reliefs of daisies and tulips contains the community facilities and is accessed via a large, central stairway.

Client Goldfield Development Co Ltd., Beijing
Program 4.500m² community centre with lobby, restaurant, gym, dance hall, children's daycare, swimming pool, tennis courts on the roof, internetcafé and library; 3.500 residences and car park on a 21 ha housing development
Time 2002 - 2003
Role Architect