Gravehof Deventer [NL]

The new apartment complex 'Gravehof' crowns the high-quality housing area Graveland with its location next to the land estate ‘t Bannink and a natural resort. Gravehof is a subtle ensemble of 16 bungalow-like apartments.

The architecture of the Gravehof project is modest but presents a spectacular concept: the two-storey square building is completely lifted up the ground. It offers spacious apartments around a green inner courtyard. On the outside the apartments are equipped with large patios.The building rests on slender columns and offers four staircases to access the apartments.

This design provides for open views within the landscaped surrounding. Beneath the building the ground level ascends as green landscape towards one of the stairs and creates space for individual parking underground. The square contours to the shape of the plot, broader along the street sides and narrow towards the surrounding green.

The façade adapts to the landscape with a combination of sand-colored brick and wood. The stones reveal large formats and are executed without visible seams. The window frames appear as large wooden frames within the masonry facade. The wood is treated with olympic stain which adapts the colour of the stone to the colour of the wood. The wooden cladding is continued in the ceilings and the inner façade of the courtyard.

Client Hollestelle Vastgoedontwikkeling B.V., Groningen
Program 16 apartments with 150 - 200 m2
Time 2002 - 2007
Role Architect