Golden City Block 8 St. Petersburg [RU]

Block 8 is a part of Golden City, a new urban development on the artificial land of Vasilievsky Island in the Finnish Bay in St. Petersburg. KCAP is responsible for the 15 ha masterplan and the architectural elaboration of blocks. The architectural concept creates an expressive, recognizable and iconic image through golden tops that refer to the tradition of historical landmarks in St. Petersburg. Solid blocks and a diversity of enclosed urban courtyards define the urban layout and refer to the historical structure of the city.

The terraced shape of the building makes block 8 a special feature in the silhouette of the Golden City skyline. The stepped tower volumes create opportunities for green rooftop terraces that enjoy panoramic views over the courtyards, the city and Finish bay. The golden topped towers and double height commercial plinth are recognizable special features in the façade. The overall concept for façade composition is based on a geometrical grind of white and golden elements. The difference in the façade theme enrich the dynamic building shape and create a playful ensemble.

The square in the southwest of block 8 plays an important role in a series of public spaces of the entire development. This wide open public square benefits from its sunny orientation and allows for various uses. The square pavement is inspired by the pavement of the Mikhailovsky Palace main square in  Saint Petersburg. The eastern courtyard is inspired by the Hermitage Winter Palace courtyard and is designed as an arboretum. It provides a lush green environment as botanical garden with a various trees in different colours, creating a vivid atmosphere in the courtyard. The design of the western courtyard takes inspiration from the Neva river delta with its elevated green plateaus. The design creates a dynamic layout with interesting spaces and steep edges referring to the natural river banks.

Client Glorax Development, Moscow
Program 55.300 m2 housing program (486 apartments), with 2.900 m2 commercial functions on the ground floor and 9.700 m2 underground parking
Time 2018 - present
Role KCAP+ORANGE architect, in cooperation with ALEN, St. Petersburg