Golden City Block 6 St. Petersburg [RU]

Block 6 is a part of Golden City, a new urban development on the artificial land of Vasilievsky Island in the Finnish Bay in St. Petersburg.

The project consists of 2 closed perimeter blocks with 4 towers on top. The setup of the ground plan refers to the structure of St. Petersburg’s centre with solid urban blocks and diversity of the enclosed urban gardens and courtyards. This classic urban setup offers shelter and protection to the lower levels of the plan and generates a variety of public spaces bordered mainly by 6 floors high facades.

From the second floor up, the program consists of housing. The apartments vary in size, ranging from studios of 25 m2 to generous family apartments of more than 90 m2. All apartments are having a loggia, giving the residents the possibility to enjoy the summer sun and – from the higher floors – the view over the sea and the city.

The facades of both buildings are shaped by the grid but they differ strongly in appearance. The western block facades are defined by an informal framework in white stucco, filled in with deep-positioned, champagne coloured aluminium window frames. The facades of the eastern block are defined by a vertical framework of pronounced ribs in white stucco, filled in with bronze coloured aluminium window frames.

The spires are the jewels of the plan. They spring up from the facades below through the refined transition from square to triangular framework. The spires are finished in a golden colour. They grow like enchanting Fabergé-like patterns to give the blocks their expressive, recognizable, and iconic character.

Project website:

Client Glorax Development, Moscow
Program 45.000 m2 housing program (573 apartments), divided over two building blocks, with commercial functions on the ground floor and an underground parking garage
Time 2016 - present 
Role KCAP+ORANGE architect, in cooperation with A.LEN, St. Petersburg