Gleisdreieck Berlin [DE]

The new urban center at Gleisdreieck is a dynamic and vibrant place for the citizens of Berlin. A dense, colourful and creative city district, a meeting place and market square for the quarter and the city, located at the park.

A diverse mix of program and users defines this new urban space. It is a place for living, working, shopping and leisure, for creating and enjoying cultural life and the park with its diverse leisure activities. A new urban center in and around the central public transport hub of metro and suburban train station Gleisdreieck.

Mobility has always defined this very special space: the flow of people, traffic and of energy. Centrally located and at the same time in a green setting – a privilege to  unify these qualities in close proximity and within walking distance to „Potsdamer Platz“. The urban space refers in programming and its maximum height of 22 m to the typical Berlin building block. The impressive industrial architecture that has always defined the area is integrated in the new development and complemented by contemporary structures.

Due to its central location and the excellent public transport accessibility, the development at Gleisdreieck will be mainly car-free district. This maximizes the walking access to the park and the urban context. At the same time it stimulated the interconnection with the surrounding city quarters which were previously disconnected by large infrastructures.




Client COPRO Projektentwicklung GmbH
Program 4 ha urban plan for a mixed-use program including commercial, residential and public facilities of approx. 112.000 m2
Time 2015
Role Urban designer
Participating parties TOPOTEK1 (landscape), ARGUS (traffic), KEOTO (sustainability)