ETIK Boulogne-Billancourt [FR]

‘ETIK’ is a new office development in Boulogne-Billancourt, in the agglomeration of Paris. It accommodates 10.000 m2 of offices and 500 m2 retail facilities on eight storeys above the ground and 150 parking spaces on four underground levels. The design, elaborated by KCAP Architects&Planners in cooperation with local architects Ateliers 115, was awarded first prize in a competition in 2007. Due to its sustainable concept, ETIK has received a dual certification: NF HQE Commercial Building plus the BBC (Batiment Basse Consommation) Effinergie seal of approval.

The location of the building, the Ile Seguin-Rives de Seine, is a former industrial area in the West of Paris along the river Seine, previously occupied by Renault automobile production facilities. After closing the factory premises in the early 1990s the 74 ha site is being redeveloped for housing, offices, retail and public facilities with a total of 850.000 m2 for 12.000 people and creating 10.000 new work opportunities.

All new projects on the Ile Seguin-Rives de Seine were required to meet current standards of sustainability. ETIK’s concept proposes the south elevation massive and closed and thereby minimizing heat gain through sun exposure, while daylight is gained via two large atriums. Furthermore, the building is connected to the district’s heating and cooling system which reduces the need for extra technical spaces in the building. The implementation of active warming/cooling ceilings in the office space, an independent ventilation system for the atrium using ground heat, and PV cells on the roof contribute to the building’s energy efficiency and the sustainability certifications.

The facades follow the urban situation of the site, being located between four major roads. A mineral skin wraps around a glass cube and opens up with a broad glass front similar to a framed screen towards the intersection of the roads in the North. The materials – mineral stone, concrete and glass – form a subtle transition from the existing city fabric to the new developments.


Client Sodearif, Paris
Program 10.500 m2 office building, of which 10.000 m2 offices and 500 m2 retail, 150 parking spaces
Time 2007 - 2011
Role Architect in cooperation with Ateliers 115