Erlusgelände Speyer [DE]

The location is formulated on one side by the main street in a lens shape parcel and it is open towards the river Rhine. The central square together with the old entrepreneurs villa creates anchor points in the new neighbourhood. The project is composed of a main building and a solitary building that creates a clear boundary of the square. The surrounding part of the main building guaranties a distinction between public spaces and more private courtyard. The volumes rise from the same materialized base. High water protection wall is integrated in the base of the buildings.        

The apartment typologies are differentiated due to the location and orientation of the volume. More than half of the typologies are different and were designed as open living flowing spaces. On the top floors, that stack down towards the Rhine, larger penthouses are situated.

The outside façade is done in brick and the inside façade facing the courtyard is largely glazed. The wooden sliding elements, placed on the detached balconies, guarantee sun protection as well privacy to the outside and inside living spaces. 




Client DIH Deutsche Wohnwerte GmbH & Co. KG
Program 12.600 m2 GFA housing and a café
Time 2011 - present
Role Architect (quater 4)
Participating parties Q1&5 Böge Lindner K2 Architekten, Hamburg; Q3 Eike Becker Architekten, Berlin; Q2 Kränzle Fischer-Wasels, Karlsruhe; Topotek1, Berlin (landscape)