Engineering Campus Augsburg [DE]

The area of the 'Engineering Campus' in Augsburg is located adjacent to the university campus. This location and its excellent functional and infrastructural connection to the city fabric offer ideal conditions for the development of a lively city quarter for science, university and residential use.

The concept is based on the green main structure of the university campus. Those green areas are extended in southern direction along the significant slope of the site. They form a strong central green axis and generate large zones for activity and communication. They guarantee a strong interlinking within the area and to the outside.

The main organizational structure of the new Engineering Campus relates to the city context and the existing, linear structure of the fields. Based on this, the design proposes a pattern of strips of various widths and functions such as strips of green, of built volumes or of circulation spaces. Building sites of various dimensions define future locations of the buildings. Form and size of the buildings are constituted only by global rules of building coefficients, density and height. This allows  the urban plan to stay flexible on a long-term basis and be able to react on unexpected changes. The pattern of the strips allows the phasing of the development to also flexibly react to the current market situation.

Client Municipality of Augsburg
Program 70 ha campus development for research, university use, business, mixed-use functions and residences
Time 2008 - present
Role Masterplanner