Embankment City Park Perm [RU]

The Embankment City Park is one of the major public spaces of the city of Perm. The assignment is to update the park’s design and improve its value to the public. On a city scale, the purpose and borders of the Embankment City Park are defined within the wider context of the Strategic Masterplan Perm. On the scale of the park itself, the park will be reintegrated as a quality landscape space within the city and will reconnect the city fabric to the Kama river. To support this, connector buildings will serve as entrances to the park and will bridge topographical and physical barriers such as railroad tracks which exist between the city and the river.

The park is framed by two elements: a generous strolling boulevard at the level of the river and by a ‘city balcony’ which marks the edge of the city fabric and the beginning of the park on the upper level of the city. Sloping grass planes with retaining walls suggest a theme of cracking ice, utilizing the existing topography while creating a strong and unique character for the Embankment City Park. Additional public programmes such as playgrounds, cafes and an outdoor swimming pool are added to create an active recreational destination.

Client Municipality of Perm
Program Requalification and transformation of the 45 ha Embankment City Park
Time 2009 - present
Role Landscape and public realm designer, and archi­tect of connectors