Elbbrücken Hamburg [DE]

The Elbbrücken quarter is located on eastern end of HafenCity at the tip of Baakenhafen. This is next to the spot where the S-and U-Bahn bridge the Elbe. This situation implies that the Elbbrücken quarter is to become another urban center within HafenCity that, besides being a gateway into Hamburg’s inner city, will be characterized by high density and a mixed-use program.

The new quarter will have a metropolitan feel, urban lifestyle and an active ground floor. Also optimal use of public transport will be intertwined with walkable city principles. The plan will structure the main public spaces and articulate the skyline with accents by both residential and office buildings that are resilient in any market situation. All this will strongly complement the structuring principles of HafenCity.

Even though there is a high emphasis on the program, the main concern for the site is the exposure to the traffic noise and also the strong winds. The framework of the design ensures that it’s possible to work within these constrains, whilst also providing qualitative lighting conditions. This is done by means of typologies (like a special outer building ring), a specific distribution of the program and a certain orientation of the buildings, public spaces and courtyards towards the sun that will also create interesting views towards the water.



Client HafenCity Hamburg GmbH
Program Total program 412.315 m2; residential 166.216 m2; offices 175.126 m2; restaurants, shops 15 046 m2; other uses 8.489 m2; area 13,86 ha
Time 2015
Role Urban planner