Ecoquartier Danube Strasbourg [FR]

'Ecoquartier Danube' (eco quarter) is a new housing neighboorhood in the centre of Strasbourg. The perimeter of the quarter is located between the N4 in the South, a strong barrier between Strasbourg and Neudorf, and the Dusuzeau Basin in the North with its long promenade.

The project prepared by KCAP, Metron, Amstein-Walthert and Pfarré is on one hand ambitious in its objectives and but at the same time simple in form. It provides a green and pedestrian oasis in the heart of the city, framed by a lively urban envelope, forming a functionally and formally mixed neighborhood. The quarter is centered around a square and surrounded by an existing home for the elderly and a school complex. It opens up to Neudorf with two new slow traffic links across the Rhine Route, and offers an urban but permeable front to the Dusuzeau Basin.

The project responds to the different situations that border the site - business and liveliness in South, calm and relaxation in the North, urbanity in the West and major facilities in the East. Thus, the project is both integrating and innovative for the future neighborhood.

Client SERS Strasbourg
Program Housing quarter of 7 ha with 87.000 m2 GFA
Time 2010
Role Masterplanner in cooperation with Metron Berne AG, Metron Brugg AG, Pfarré Lighting Design and Amstein+Walthert