Django Building Amsterdam [NL]

'Django Building' is an apartment complex in Amsterdam’s Zuidas development area. The building occupies lot 8 of Zuidas’ Gershwin, cluster III, district for which KCAP previously completed a mass study. It comprises of 108 rental apartments, commercial spaces and a one-storey underground parking garage by Inbo architects. With its 9 storeys, the Django building is the lowest city block between the highest building in the area, the 29-storey twin tower Amsterdam Symphony designed by the Architecten Cie, and the 20-storey Duke Tower designed by Ateliers Lion. The total programme of 15,000m2 is distributed over two buildings, a sunken garden and several terraces. The lower floors, with mainly commercial spaces, are defined by a printed glass facade. Above, black brickwork and a repetitive but slightly shifted pattern of anodized window frames and balconies dominate the building’s appearance. The all-sidedness of the facade enhances the sculptural character of the stone volumes on the glass plinth. Constructively, the application of a load bearing facade allows for large window openings on all sides. All living areas are oriented in two directions and glazed from floor to ceiling. Innovative cold and warmth storage, with a closed source system, is employed to ensure sustainable cooling and heating in the apartments.

Client Consortium Royaal Zuid (Era Contour, Prospect Zuidas en Bouwfonds Ontwikkeling)
Program 15.000 m2 (excl. parking garage), of which 13.000 m2 housing and 2.000 m2 commercial functions
Time 2002 - 2010
Role Architect (blok 8), urban planner (Gershwin cluster III)
Participating parties Inbo Architecten (parkinggarage), Bedaux de Brouwer (blok 7), J. Crepain (blok 9), Ateliers Lion Architectes Urbanistes (blok 10)