Diana en Vesta Amsterdam [NL]

The office buildings Diana en Vesta complete the masterplan designed by KCAP in 2004 for plot 206a of Amstel III business area in Amsterdam Zuidoost. This plot, consisting of 9 cubic volumes, is one of the last large-scale undeveloped sites marking the southern entrance of the office and business park, and is located in direct proximity to Arena-boulevard and within walking distance of the station Bijlmer.

The urban plan defines building envelopes which determine the maximum dimensions and the position of the buildings on the plot. Building rules ensure a common quality and signature of the buildings. The sculptural forms with cavities and cut-outs enable to guarantee for necessary light entry, spaciousness and views. In the architectural language the patios, cantilevers and voids determine the buildings’ appearance. Between the nine buildings a floating pedestrian deck forms the binding public space.

The design of Diana en Vesta consists formally of two buildings which are connected on the upper three floors. This connection creates not only the flexibility to create large office floors, but also offers enclosure for a public patio space where the main entrances of the buildings are located. From the centrally located entrance halls, the four cores of the office wings are accessible.

The façade is fully glazed to provide for maximum daylight and views. All technical installations are integrated in the floor plinths and ceilings. Strips of glass and aluminum, combined with screen prints on the glass, create a dynamic three-dimensional line pattern on the facade. This continuous pattern emphasizes on one hand the overall volume of Diana en Vesta, but as each of the two buildings has differently coloured strips the individual volume is accentuated as well. The chosen colours refer to the adjacent buildings.



Client Eurocommerce Holding B.V., Deventer
Program 26.000 m2 offices
Time  2007 - 2012
Role Architect Diana en Vesta, urban planner and supervisor plot 206a