De Vries van Heijstplantsoen Delft [NL]

The student accommodation on the campus of the Technical University of Delft offers living space for 303 students. It occupies a complex of two buildings: a new 6-storey, u-shaped building and a renovated historical villa. The new building contains 212 residential units and 15 shared apartments. The renovated villa houses 6 units and 6 shared apartments. The concept and distribution of the residential units reflects the current request for students’ living space. In the future, depending on the market, the units can be adjusted. With this concept, the design follows a flexible and sustainable approach.

With its contour, material and solid and quiet appearance, the new building shows respect for the (partly) monumental villa and the surrounding buildings. The composition of the façade with its high and vertically oriented openings and the horizontal and vertical brick surfaces presents a playful quietness. The inner outdoor space between the new building and the villa has a intimate atmosphere, enhancing the feeling of social connection. At the same time it offers defined visual connections to the outside.


Client Stichting DUWO, Delft
Program Accommodation for 303 students in 11.000 m² new apartment building with 212 units and 15 shared apartments, renovation of 2150 m² monumental villa with 6 units and 6 shared apartments including restauration of monumental staircase 285 m²  
Time 2004 – 2012
Role Architect
Participating parties RAB (restauration advisor), The Hague