De Pijler Rotterdam [NL]

The school is situated in Stadstuinen, a new neighbourhood in Kop van Zuid. It is one of four urban villas which form part of the urban block. The school forms a link between the neighbourhood scale and the micro-environment of the urban square. The classrooms determine the structure, within which the circulation space forms a connecting spine. By opening a sliding wall, the play room on the ground floor is connected to the large hall. From the hall, a flight of wide, shallow wooden stairs leads to the double-height, day-lit upper hall. On the upper floor, the corridors end in two open-air classrooms with terraces and balustrades. There are separate circuits for the substructure and the superstructure, with different sized doors for children of different heights. The classrooms for infants are situated on the ground floor facing the school playground, while classrooms for older children are on the upper floors.

The street facade is masonry, while the facade of the inner courtyard surrounding the playground, is entirely of wood. All of the window frames and door frames, balustrades and other non-masonry elements in the facades are untreated or transparently treated wood.

Client Dienst Openbaar Onderwijs Rotterdam, Rotterdam
Program Elementary school with 12 class rooms, 2 playing rooms and 2 outside rooms: 1.500 m2
Time 1996 - 1998
Role Architect
Participating parties Anna Ramsair (art work)