De Opgang Amsterdam [NL]

'De Opgang', situated at one of the important crossings in the urban extension masterplan of Van Eesteren for Amsterdam, combines several different functions in one building: 79 dwellings, a church, child day care facilities and a parking garage.

The aim was to create a unity between these different functions while still showing their individual identity. The church is placed on a platform which gives the impression that it is hovering above street level. Due to its formal differentiation and slate materialisation, the church still appears as an independent and recognisable building in the whole ensemble. The platform on which the church stands is filled with water to create a basin, thus giving feeling that the church is floating.

The church hall opens to the park and the water, whereas the meeting hall opens to the perpendicular streets. Instead of a classic introverted space for the church presents an open space which is orientated to the public domain.

The green roofed church building is surrounded and topped by a dwelling block, designed as a climbing ring, varying in height and so shaping itself to the context of the surrounding buildings.

The outside elevations are clad in green brick and timber. These materials were chosen to merge with the park atmosphere and give the building an autonomous  character.

Client NL-development, The Hague
Program 11.160 m2 gfa of which 79 apartments (9.790 m2), church (820 m2) and daycare (550 m2)
Time 2006 - 2010
Role Architect