De Commissaris Venlo [NL]

The 'De Commissaris' (The Commissaris) is the start of the project ‘Q4’ which intends to make living in the inner city attractive again. It replaces a post-war apartment complex in the centre of Venlo. 

The building houses thirty apartments on a base containing retail units and a police station and a car park for 55 vehicles in the basement. The apartments are divided between two slabs, the northern one of which faces the square and the southern one the sun. Large openings in the northern slab ensure that the flats in the southern slab retain some contact with the square, while from the square it is possible to appreciate the depth of the complex.

In the middle of the block, between the two slabs, there is an eye-catching, open-air stairway realised in timber. This is a communal space that not only provides a grand entrance to the apartments on the various levels, but also provides space for communal activities. The high-quality architecture with its staggered fenestration and its use of dark brick, aluminium and wood as materials, gives the area a significant upgrade in urban quality.

Client BAM (HBG) Vastgoed, Eindhoven
Program 9.200 m2 multifunctional building including 30 apartments, apolice office, shops and a parking garage with 55 parking spaces
Time 2000 - 2003
Role Architect
Participating parties Municipality of Venlo