CREATE Campus Singapore [SG]

'Create Campus' is the urban development vision for the university campus for the National Research Foundation of Singapore with 60.000 m2 of university buildings. In accordance with the suggested building typology the concept prescribes a base building, embedded in the site`s topography, covered with a botanic garden and intersected by pedestrian routes that form an interactive public space to which most of the social programs are oriented. On top of the base, four polygon buildings form a characteristic composition that works on multiple levels: it forms a powerful ensemble, providing the necessary landmark-quality for a town-centre on the site, and establishes a strong contextual dialogue, knitting the surroundings together.

The shape of the assembly also reacts to Singapore’s tropical climate with an annual average of 30ºC. Considering the fact that most peo¬ple stay inside as much as possible, the concept provides for pleasant outdoor spaces in the shade and with a low speed wind. The shape of the superstructure was also designed to offer a pleasant climate in the interior, to reduce energy consumption and optimise the combination of the façade and the plan. These aspects gives a gain of more than 30% on energy consumption.

The program incorporates urban functions like retail, cultural institutions, social infrastructure, as well as housing. This integrated approach supports the university to develop urban life and adopt the role of a neighbourhood-centre and work as an urban catalyst for its surroundings. Integration of research and daily life will contribute to a mixed urban environment, which eventually leads to a social sustainable condition.

Client National Research Foundation Republic of Singapore
Program Urban design concept for campus and design of 60.000 m2 university buildings
Time 2008
Role Architect and urban planner
Participating parties Arup Singapore